URAMAKI is the first decentralized reserve and rewards protocol built on the Arbitrum chain that creates real yield for its native token holders through its own services. URAMAKI token - $MAKI, operates through protocol-owned liquidity.

$MAKI multi-reward staking program allows users to receive incentives in the $MAKI token while also rewarding stakers with the greatest projects accessible on Arbitrum, allowing them to build a diversified portfolio. 


Being the first of its kind hybrid model by converting your staked $MAKI to generate rewards. Earn extra revenue by depositing those staked $MAKI into Uramaki's various appliances. By leveraging our Kitchen, passive real yields in the form of the most profitable basket of tokens available across DeFi. This unique model will gradually inflate to a fixed supply and once that limit is reached fees generated by our utilities will be used to buyback/burn $MAKI at which point our tokenomics will become deflationary.


Uramaki Kitchen stores valuable ingredients that come from our various appliances and DeFi strategies - cooking process, investments, fees collected from services. The more valuable assets we gather for our Kitchen, the higher the floor price and, consequently, the intrinsic value of each individual $MAKI token. Our kitchen also functions as a reward distribution site for chefs, Maki and sMAKI stakers. Initial objective is TVL growth which will serve as support for future expansion and enable additional investments.


To participate in the Uramaki protocol, users can choose from a variety of strategies. The first step is to buy $MAKI from the market or simply cook $MAKI using one of the available recipes. This actions serve as prerequisite of staking. After acquiring $MAKI user stake them in order to receive $MAKI rewards every 8 hours and corresponding number of sMAKI. Last step is staking sMAKI which reward stakers with the most profitable projects across DeFi.




Initial Supply




100% funds from
sales goes to LP

Public sale


No vesting period

Private sale